• Health & safety Zheng Ji is committed to provide health and safety design and construction service for clients, con-tractors and designers. As with all of our advisory services, Health & Safety services are tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements, and to suit the type and nature of their particular project or premises. Health and safety management audits. A comprehensive management audit that covers five main areas of your company or home:

    • Management of Health & Safety
    • Mechanical & Personal Safety
    • Fire Protection
    • Accident investigating and recording
    • General housekeeping, including: safety signs

    Zheng Fang ensures that your company or home policy contains the necessary organizational responsibilities and arrangements for implementation. Safe working procedures are written to cover specific work activities undertaken on the premises. Zheng Fang is focused on the development of health and safety procedures band together many facets and changing demands of the industry by:

    • Closely analyzing and working with contractor issues
    • Undertaking the 'duty holder' role of Planning Supervisor
    • Assessing the competency of Designers
    • Monitoring construction activities
    • Risk assessments
  • As health and safety consultants, we have a number of well-known experts able to undertake specific assessments on your company's behalf, covering:

    • Manual Handling
    • Fire
    • Noise
    • Display Screen / Equipment
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Hazardous Substances (COSHH)
    • Machinery / Work Equipment

    We'll also help you with issues like enhanced capital allowances - choosing energy efficient items, to claim money back from the Government. We can make the entire office fit out your needs and refurbishment process CarbonNeutral, too. Our expertise and experience of environmental office design is always at your disposal. Your sustainable office assessment

    • Preliminary
    • Space plans
    • Estimated costs
    • Site assessments
    • Project plans

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