ZhengFang is an interior design, consulting and project management company. We work together with our clients offering a huge number of benefits. Speed, Flexibility and Quality are the three fundamental values we adhere to, which gives us an advantage over all of our competitors.
Our People will listen to your organization’s goals and values, analyses your workspace and develop a cost effective project design solution that will reflect the objectives and future direction of your company and permanent team of supervisors consistently delivers a quality work.  

  • Space Planning Zhengfang projects place a strong emphasis on space planning as a fundamental part of the design process. We are involved in all major aspects of space planning and undertake work for a variety of clients to maximize the use of the available space.
  • Interior Design We apply all our inspirational interior design expertise, to transform your site into a place that not only looks better, it works better. Zhengfang projects believe in simplicity, symmetry, and proportion. We use these principles in all our designs to create environments that are carefully thought out. Our detailing is practical and our approach to problem solving is based on many years of practical experience. Zhengfang offers consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building’s interior including space planning, Interior design, construction, signage and colour consultancy. You’ll have a dedicated designer who will work on your project from first concepts to the finished build. They’ll create an interior design that not only reflects your brief and budget but will inspire staff and impress clients too!
  • Project Management ur space fit out service covers everything from initial building surveys to move-in day and beyond, we’re there to take care of it all. And because it’s all controlled by one company, there are no snags, slip-ups or missing contractors. Your dedicated Zhengfang contact will make sure of it. Because our priority is to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. Preparation is critical in fitting out or refurbishing an space environment. We always start by listening to you and finding out all we can about your business.

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